Children's Ministries

Children's Church

Every Sunday Morning at 11:00 AM we invite you to join in our Children's Church Ministry here at Ambassador Baptist Church.  What a wonderful time of instruction from gifted teachers working together in instructing our Children to grow to love the Lord by learning more about Him. Elissa Irmler is the head of the Sunday School department and has her Bachelor's degree in elementary education.                                                                                                                         

Our Children's Church Staff have created a program that helps instruct as well as inspire kids to "Know" and "Love" their God. Here at Ambassador Baptist Church it is our desire to meet the needs of the entire family, including the Children.

 The hour is filled with Gospel Singing, Bible Quiz's, Bible Games, Bible Memory and Bible Preaching.


A loving nursery with a clean and safe environment is provided for babies and young toddlers during each church service. Our caring nursery workers give of their time to care for your children so that you might be able to enjoy the service without interruption and have a peace of mind knowing your child is taken care of.                                                                                                 

Each Sunday a van makes its way through the streets of Chatham and surrounding areas to bring boys and girls to Ambassador Baptist Church. As we bring in the children of our community, we hope to reach out to their families as well and eventually see them come to church together as a familiy.